Roast Affects Much More Than Just Taste

Light, medium, dark or anywhere in between, every coffee drinker has their preference for what type of roast they find the tastiest. The perfect roast is an individual choice that is often influenced by your geographic location or the culture you grew up in.  

In addition to the flavor that roasting imbues, how long the beans are roasted also affects the caffeine level, the stomach sensitivity (acidity), the level of helpful antioxidants, and the amount of oils released from the beans.


One roast myth is that darker roasts are higher in caffeine and that people who want to cut down on caffeine should get light roast. Many people are surprised to find out that the roasting process itself can remove caffeine. So the longer the roasting process, the less caffeine. Hence, dark roast theoretically has the least amount of caffeine.  However, there are recent studies that state that the difference in caffeine levels between light and dark are not really enough to make a difference.  If those studies are true, the caffeine levels of all roasts may be too similar to tell a difference. You will have to decide on this one yourself for now!

Acidity (affects stomach sensitivity)
Roasting removes acids just like it removes caffeine. The longer the roast, the less acidity.  Dark roast is the longest roasting period, hence it also has the least acidity.  Acidity affects the gastrointestinal systems. You’ve probably known someone that says that coffee hurts their stomach or  maybe you’ve even felt the laxative properties  of coffee. Anyone with these types of sensitivities will highly benefit from a darker roast. 

Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory properties
Without going into a full scientific explanation, the roasting process affects different kinds of antioxidants differently. The general consensus is that medium roast affords the most beneficial quantities of all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of all the roasts. We will look to do an article in the future about the specific antioxidant properties that are increased and which are decreased by roasting, so that you can decide which roast is best for your specific needs. For now, go for Medium for the most beneficial combination of antioxidants!

The darker the roast, the more oils the beans release. Hence if you buy whole beans, you will notice that the dark roast beans get far oilier and faster than medium or light roast beans. 

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