Cocktail MixerBalls - a Bar Mixing Tool to create Beautifully Blended Cocktails, Egg White & Whipped Cream Toppings (1 WhiskBall)

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BETTER RESULTS FASTER - Whisk Balls are a simple yet highly effective improvement to that indispensable barware tool, the cocktail shaker. Adding Whisk Balls to your cocktail shaker not only shortens your shaking time but makes thoroughly blended, effervescent cocktails quick and easy. 

FAST, EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN: Our Whisk Balls are uniquely designed with a solid food-grade stainless steel ball surrounded by a cage with rigid horizontal and vertical wires that provide amazing blending and frothing in just a couple of shakes. They’re dishwasher safe and a snap to clean by hand too. 

NOT JUST FOR ALCOHOL – Whisk Balls are also perfect for quickly mixing a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade or other fresh fruit and herb "mocktails".

CONVENIENT SIZE - These Whisk Balls work well in any size or type shaker - Boston, Cobbler or French - with ease! Use a couple of them in your larger shakers for even faster blending. SIZE - ~ 42mm x 44mm (~ 1.65” x 1.75”)

NO RISK & NO RUST – A Lifetime Replacement Warranty for defects and a 90 day, no questions asked refund policy ensures satisfaction with your Whisk Ball purchase. And, because Whisk Balls are made entirely of food grade stainless steel, they won’t rust.

The Whisk Ball by VansieHome has a unique design consisting of a cage with rigid wires in vertical and horizontal directions along with a solid inner ball for an extremely fast and thorough mixing of ingredients, ensuring a beautifully blended, effervescent cocktail. Our customers feel this whisk ball greatly improves results compared with using a cocktail shaker without a whisk ball. Upgrade your cocktail shaker and your results and share with a friend - they make great gifts!