"Go Green Natural K-Kit Filters"- (150) un-bleached wide-brim k cup coffee filters

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Celebrate your cup of Joe, the environment and your wallet every morning!

  • EASY TO USE - Make coffee like a pro! Simply load a reusable k cup with our “Go Green Natural Filter”, add the desired amount of your favorite ground coffee, close the lid, and it's ready to insert into your favorite coffee brewer. 

  • EASIEST TO REMOVE FILTERS- Our wider-brimmed filter is easier to remove for fast/effective cleaning. 

  • EASIEST TO CLEAN- They come out so easily and cleanly, you will not need water trying to scrub the stainless-steel pod clean.  Skip the hassle that comes with other pods.

  • FULL TASTE/NO SEDIMENT-  Our natural filters keep all the sediment and grounds INSIDE the filter, thereby preventing buildup and clogs in the k cup itself.  

  • NO CHEMICALS - Our filters are 100% natural wood fiber paper filters. They are bleach-free unlike all white coffee filters (it requires bleach to make them white).

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST - These natural filters are compatible with VansieHome, Ekobrew, Keurig my k-cup, Perfectpod, Fill N Save, Delibru, Solofill and many other brands of reusable coffee pod products! Plastic or SS!

Celebrate your cup of Joe, the environment, and your wallet every morning!

 (150) Natural k-cup paper filters eliminate minute coffee particles and oils that can cause your coffee to become bitter. No bleach means no additional chemicals

 ALL-Natural Paper/NO BLEACH we have eliminated the bleaching process which is better for you and the environment! Minute amounts of chlorine used to bleach other filters are bad for you and the landfill.  Let us all do our part!

Compatible with most brewers look no further, these wonderful filters will fit most reusable k cup pods.

State-of-the art design creates the perfect cup every time.

Save water! They are easier to clean than other filters! The environment and your wallet will thank you.

Our Commitment to Do Our Share

Here at VansieHome we care about our planet. We only use shipping material that is reusable or recyclable, period. Our to our customers and our Earth goes beyond providing amazing products. We strive to keep an eco-friendly mind-set from the beginning to the end of our process. Thank you for joining us in doing our part for Mother Earth.

Customer Reviews

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These are Great!

I love these natural filters! I no longer have to use water (what a waste!) to clean out my reuseable pod as I did without the filters.  And the wide brim makes it SO easy to remove from the pod!