Wand Whisks

The "Wand" Whisk by VansieHome (sometimes called a Ball Whisk) consists of individual stainless steel wires that starburst out from a handle. Each wire has a stainless steel ball on the end. Fans of this whisk claim it provides quicker and better aeration. The weighted ball at the end of each wire ensures more efficient strokes, incorporating air more thoroughly into the food or liquid being beaten. The weighted balls vibrate and reach into each corner and edge, shortening whisking time. You might even overmix the first few times you use the "Wand" whisk, but you will be able to adjust your strokes quickly. You will come to appreciate less work for better results! USE WITH CHUNKY SOUPS AND STEWS - Because of its unique design, you can use this whisk on soups and stews that are chunky. Large ingredients will just get stuck inside a traditional whisk. But with the Wand Whisk by VansieHome, the weight of the balls causes the wires to oscillate as they are moving through your ingredients, allowing you to get the maximum stirring action possible. A large spoon is no match for this whisk!