VansieHome's Miracle Mix-It Ball - FINALLY! Protein Shakes without clumps!

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no more lumps! 

  • NO MORE CLUMPS! If you hate those protein or matcha lumps bumps and clumps, this shaker ball is the perfect mixer ball for you. The only thing that will mix better than this whiskball is an electric blender. Get this new whisk ball as your replacement shaker ball and see the difference it will make!

  • COCKTAIL FOAM is richer and thicker when you add this whiskball. The criss-crossing rigid wires + solid inner ball whip up eggwhites like a electric blender, but with just a few shakes of your cocktail shaker! You will immediately see the difference in foam - it will be richer & thicker & creamier. Just add a ball to dry and ice shakes.

  • EGGS, PANCAKES, DRESSINGS & ICE CREAM Don't think these are just for protein drinks! You can use ANY CLOSED CONTAINER, like a Mason jar or Tupperware food storage and get a faster mix than the way you do it now. USE IN A MASON JAR w/ EGGS and you will never go back to a whisk and bowl! It mixes better. It mixes faster. And it's a lot less clean up and hassle.

  • THEY WORK IN ANY CONTAINER! Size is 2". If your container has a 2" wide opening, these mixer balls will fit. Baby Bottles, Glass or plastic food storage containers, and Jars are all examples of containers that will work as long as the opening is at least 2" wide.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY * STAINLESS STEEL * RUST-FREE * DISHWASHER SAFE Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel that will not rust & is dishwasher safe. This product has a lifetime warranty. Everything we do is for our customers, so we will work our damndest to make sure you and every other customer is happy. Contact us at any point in the life of your product if you have any issues or questions. We are here for YOU!