8" & 10" Cage Whisk Combo - Beautiful, Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel, with a Brushed Satin Handle

  • $35.95

Superior Aeration with the 3-in-1 Design - Blending, Beating, and Whisking at its Best with this 10" Super Whisk by VansieHome

OPTIMAL WHISKING - The "cage" with the inner metal ball gives you an extremely thorough blending of thin mixtures, ensuring a smooth, silky texture every time!

SO MANY USES - Mix luscious creamy soups, puddings from scratch, whipped cream, and pancake batter. Make wonderfully emulsified vinaigrettes; Whisk dry ingredients; Make any type of sauce like hollandaise or sabayon, or gravies; Scrape up the bits and pieces at the bottom of a pan when making gravies and sauces for extra flavor; Use to get the fluffiest eggs imaginable - more air equals more fluff!

NOT INTENDED FOR THICK BATTERS - This whisk is great because of the added number of wires and ball which provides for better whisking (more aeration). Unfortunately, because of all the extra wires, this whisk is not appropriate for whisking anything thick like cake batters or mayo.

BEAUTIFUL & EASY TO CLEAN - DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL & DISHWASHER SAFE - Wires & handle: S/S 430; Ball: S/S 201. Presents with elegance and makes for a modern, attractive addition to your kitchen. Made of durable stainless steel, this modern, beautiful whisk is a welcome addition to any kitchen design. Finally the cage and ball can be removed for easier cleaning!

LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects or failures. We also give you 90 days to return with no questions asked.