About VansieHome

VansieHome is dedicated to providing products that are innovative, useful, easy-to-use and enhance your life. We want to make your life easier, give you gorgeous products, and if possible, find new ways to help preserve our planet. When we are deciding on which new products to add to our product line, we consider these three questions:

* Does this product offer a better way to do things?

* Is this product an improvement in features or price over current options?

* Does this product help or hurt the environment? 

We also decide on manufacturing products that WE love and feel improve something in our lives. And we hope you love them too! 

Kitchen Utensils

Our kitchen utensils are designed with an eye to making your life easier. In addition, our products are beautiful, well made, easy to use and clean, and have a lifetime warranty! We focus on the quality of materials, quality of workmanship, and work hard to get these qualities at the best price possible. 

Our  Whisk Balls give a brand new way to mix ANYTHING - giving you a  superior method of mixing powders into liquids, making cocktails, foams, merengues, dressings and whipped cream. You can mix in a protein shaker, a mason jar, a cocktail shaker, or any container with a lid. Yes, even an old pickle jar! Think outside the bowl and start mixing super fast with no mess.

Our Wand Whisks are amazing utensils that allow you to (finally) be able to use a whisk on big chunky dishes.  They are also amazing at mixing sauces and gravies.  Plus you can use them in exactly the same way as traditional whisks. The Wand Whisk is a multi-use tool that can replace several whisks/spoons in your drawer.

The Super Whisk is absolutely the best whisk at mixing eggs or whipped cream. The 3-in-1 design is brilliant at mixing both liquids and dry ingredients. The smaller 8" Super Whisk is great for people with one or two in the household, because they are amazing but also compact for easy storage.