About VansieHome

VansieHome is dedicated to providing products that are innovative, useful, easy-to-use and enhance your life. We also give great weight to a product that will, even if in small ways, help with the environment. We want to make your life easier, give you gorgeous products, and if possible, find new ways to help preserve our planet. When we are deciding on which new products to add to our product line, we consider these three questions:

* Does this product help or hurt the environment? 

* Does this product offer a better way to do things?

* Is this product an improvement in features or price over current options?

We also decide on manufacturing products that WE love! And we hope you love them too!  We sell a line of high-quality kitchen utensils, Reusable straws in both silicone and stainless steel, unique in-ground low-profile solar lights, and JazzyBuds, our amazing True Wireless Stereo Earbuds.

Reusable Straws
Love straws but you're alarmed to realize the impact that single-use straws are having on our environment? In the US alone, we use 500 MILLION straws a day. VansieHome now has a line of Silicone and Stainless Steel straws that put an end to your contribution to the daily onslaught of straws to our environment. It takes oil to make them and they are filling our landfills and waterways at an alarming rate. Not to mention the thousands of animals killed by interacting with the straws we leave everywhere. What's crazy is that more than half of all people given a straw at a restaurant don't even want one or use it. Its estimated that if restaurants would ASK before putting a straw in a drink, that number could be halved. If you are interested in doing more, check out The Be Straw Free Campaign for ideas. For instance, they ask that each person approach just ONE restaurant in your area and ask them to adopt the Offer First policy. SImple, right? You could ask them about it when you are eating there!  And of course, you can purchase your very own reuseable straws from VansieHome. 

Kitchen Utensils
Our kitchen utensils are designed with an eye to making your life easier. In addition, our products are beautiful, well made, easy to use and clean, and have a lifetime warranty! We focus on quality of materials, quality of workmanship, and work to get these at the best price possible. 

Our  Whisk Balls give a brand new way to mix your powdered drinks giving you a  superior method of mixing powders into liquids. With the hard wires of the cage combined with the solid inner ball, you will not find a better protein shake mixer. 
Our Wand Whisks are amazing utensils that allow you to (finally) be able to use a whisk on big chunky dishes.  They are also amazing at mixing sauces and gravies.  Plus you can use them in exactly the same way as traditional whisks. The Wand Whisk is a multi-use tool that can replace several whisks/spoons in your drawer.
The Super Whisk is absolutely the best whisk at mixing eggs or whipped cream. The 3-in-1 design is brilliant at mixing both liquids and dry ingredients. The smaller 8" Super Whisk is great for people with one or two in the household, because they are amazing but also compact for easy storage. 
Flat In-Ground Solar Lights 
No more knocking over your solar lights! No more plastic poles breaking. No more electrical lines or power needed. Get beautiful solar lights to light your pathway or to add accent lighting to your flowers, trees, or bushes. AND you can mow right over them! Another gorgeous way to do a small part for our environment.
JazzBuds - True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
Do you like the way the Apple Airpods look or work but cannot afford them?  JazzyBuds do not have all the features that air pods have, but they have the most important ones: easy to set up, easy to use, sound great, stay in your ears, and fit great. You can answer or deny a call while listening to music or a book with a single or double tap to an earbud. You can call the last person you called by double tapping an earbud. They come with a charging case so you can recharge your earbuds up to 5 times in one day without an electrical outlet! You can wear them one at a time, and charge one as well. So they have enough great features, plus an amazing fit and sound so that you don't feel you are compromising. AND they are more affordable at around half what the other product sells for. Check out our JazzyBuds for a great set of headphones!