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Amazing product!

Works perfectly with Keurig 2.0! Makes an amazing filtered cup of coffee. Fill it to the top and brew on 6oz! Enjoy!

Best mixing balls for thicker protein powders!!

I bought these balls because I started using HUEL protein powders and I found the "standard" ball wasn't getting the job done, leaving my shakes clumpy and needing to chew. These balls fit the bill and consistently leave me with an easy-to-drink shake every time. They're also super easy to clean, just by letting them sit in soapy hot water for a bit and then rinsing them off!

Better than those plastic balls

Love them, love them. Heavyweight. They help make blending so much easier

6-Pack Miracle Mix-It Balls
Great Blending Balls

Great shaker balls. I drink a protein drink every morning. I do not have to use a blender just drop a ball into your shaker cup

Worked Wonderful

Worked perfectly. I love it! I have 2 beautifully painted night stands now. Thank you

Love Em

Love this whisk! Whips eggs like a dream.

They are so cute!

I totally love these. And they arrived within 5 days of ordering! I may have to get the scoop ones next lol

Replacement balls

Much heavier than original balls and easy to clean

Keurig coffee filters

LOVE, LOVE the coffee filters--my son even gave a "thumbs up" on them. So much easier to use than the ones from WalMart. Thanks Vanessa

Go green kcups

I absolutely love the amount of money i will be saving yearly using these reusable kcups . Not to mention, the easily removed filters and the fact that I can buy a variety of different coffees to use .

These are Great!

I love these natural filters! I no longer have to use water (what a waste!) to clean out my reuseable pod as I did without the filters.  And the wide brim makes it SO easy to remove from the pod!

Very Pleased

This product is much easier to use and clean than the average whisk. I'm truly please with this Stainless Steel Ball Wand Whisk Combo (10" and 12").

18-Pack Miracle Mix-It Balls by vansiehome
Buying More

My sister got the ball whisks because she drinks a lot of protein shakes, and she was thrilled with these ones. Honestly, my entire family has been really impressed by the quality of all your products!

These are a dream come true. You'll wonder where they have been all your life.

3-Pack Miracle Mix-It Balls by vansiehome
Love these!

arrived on time, in perfect condition and they work beautifully.

Great Whisk

Bought this for my husband he loves to cook he says it's fabulous won't cook without it

These are really cool!!

I use them to blend spices in a large closed container so I can avoid a hot pepper "cloud"

LOVE this ball!

This shaker ball is SO much better than the one that comes with the bottle. I don't have clumps in my shakes anymore and I also use it for other things as well! Try it for scrambled eggs or even homemade whipped cream! This gadget is EXACTLY what you need if you want to step up your mixing game!

greatest whisk ever.

we've used it mainly for whipping eggs. Does a marvelous job they're light and fluffy.....\

Miracle Mix it ball

This product actually lived up to its description!! They work great! I use them all the tim, in shakes smoothies and anything else I want to keep mixed up while drinking it.

3-Pack Miracle Mix-It Balls by vansiehome
 Definitely Better than your Typical Shaker ball

If you're tired of your shakes feeling grainy, I'd definitely give these a shot. These make all my supplements smooth even the ones that would normally still be grainy after a bunch of shaking. I threw away my generic ones I had and replaced them with these and have no regrets! If you regularly use powdered supplements, definitely upgrade to these shaker balls.


This product works very well and easy to clean. I love how they mix up our smoothies and breakdowns any powder mix we use. Great value for the price!

6-Pack Miracle Mix-It Balls
These are great

These are amazing. Much better than I thought they would be