Yes, I'd like a free sample of the new Hi|Lo Coffee!

Every sip you take of H|Lo Coffee is ensuring coffee farmers a fair living wage - enough to support a family and put children through school. We at Hi|Lo believe that's the least we can do to enjoy the best coffee on the planet!

Grocery store coffees are sold to you often as much as a year out from when they were roasted. Try Hi|Lo today to see what a difference "just roasted" freshness, combined with our SMOOTH but STRONG flavor makes! We're betting you'll want more!

Choose from:
1/2 cup Sample Dark Roast + 1/2 cup Sample Medium Roast
(2) 1/2 cup Samples Dark Roast
(2) 1/2 cup Samples Medium Roast

Using 2 tbsp coffee per cup, this order yields approximately 8 cups of coffee.