(3) Better Blender Ball Replacements | Whisk Ball | Shaker Ball | Mixes Whey, Matcha & Protein Better (3-pack)

  • $14.95

The Whisk Ball by VansieHome's unique design consists of a cage with rigid wires in vertical and horizontal directions along with a solid inner ball for an extremely thorough blending of powdered drink mixtures, ensuring a smooth, silky texture every time! Many of our customers feel this whisk ball works more thoroughly than a traditional shaker ball - try it for yourself to see why it's so popular. 

 CLUMPS: The hard wires (these are not springy) make for great mixing of your drinks. This shake mixer ball is perfect for protein shakes or any mixture of liquid and powder. NO MORE CLUMPS! Whether you’re prepping some whey, casein, or pre-workout, VansieHome Whisk Balls are the perfect shaker balls to ensure your drink is smooth and thoroughly mixed in the fastest time to give you the best results.

SMALLER THAN OTHERS: These shaker balls work in your 12 oz & 16 oz cups with ease! Use a couple of them in your larger bottles for even faster blending. SIZE - 42mm x 44mm ( 1.65" x 1.75")

EASY TO USE: Our workout shaker ball is uniquely designed with vertical and horizontal rigid wires along with a solid inner ball to provide amazing results in just a couple of shakes. They're also easy to clean, with just a quick rinse getting the job done.

STAINLESS STEEL & DISHWASHER SAFE: Made entirely of stainless steel so no rusting. Also easy to clean by hand. Whisk Balls are made using 100% SS403 Stainless Steel that will see you through endless workouts.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We believe you will love your Whisk Balls as much as we do. But in case you don't, you can return them for any reason (or no reason) for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Then they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY - if yours ever breaks or fails, we will replace it entirely at our cost. Forever.