Hi|Lo Coffee Dark Roast 12oz Bag

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- 12oz Bag  -  Organic  -  Dark Roast  -  Low Acid  -  Sourced from Direct Trade 

A premium fresh-roasted bean that's both bold in flavor and easy on your stomach!

The big, bold flavor of this dark roast will capture your heart and your taste buds on the first sip!  We predict it's about to become your new favorite dark roast!  

Oh, and did we mention? Hi|Lo Dark Roast makes a ridiculously good cold brew!

THE BAG CLIP/COFFEE SCOOP: We believe in sustainability and found this an area that we could improve on. We are supplying a stainless steel, reusable bag clip with your first bag at no extra cost.  Hi|Lo bags do not have the typical tin tie on them.  A tin tie is small, but when they are on millions of bags of coffee sold EVERY DAY, they add up.  Plus YOU pay for them!  Going green with tin ties is simply one more way you can make a difference with your purchasing power.  

Besides, you're going to LOVE the bag clip! It fits any size coffee bag and it also has a perfectly-sized scoop on the end.  Now you have your coffee scoop right where you need it - WITH your coffee! 

YOU WILL BE STUNNED AT THE DIFFERENCE JUST-ROASTED MAKES: We sell small-batch which means you get coffee that is literally days from being roasted. You will be amazed at what a difference this will make in terms of taste.  It's quite remarkable!

Grocery store coffees are often a year out from roasting. Try Hi|Lo today to see what a difference this freshness, combined with our SMOOTH but STRONG flavor makes! We are betting you'll want more!    

GET 8% OFF ON A SUBSCRIPTION!  If you have a discount code, you will get BOTH discounts if you choose a subscription.  However, the coupon code will be valid only on this order.  Subsequent subscription orders will be regular price minus the 8% subscription discount. 


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Asia Agababian (Toronto, CA)
Wonderful flavour

We recently tried HilLo dark roast coffee and it was very pleasant, rich and intense flavour that was very smooth to drink. Enjoyed my morning coffee very much.